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Got a 1960 Imperial Lebaron? Or what about a 1961 Newport? No matter what classic Chrysler model you have, you're probably not wanting to keep the ride hung up by it's heels in your dirty old garage- only taking it out for occasional joy rides. You're going to want to go driving on a Sunday afternoon, especially if you've been working hard to keep it mint condition. One way to accomplish this is by entering car shows, where you have the opportunity to win prizes and the chance to network with classic car enthusiasts just like yourself.

Here Are Six Tips on Preparing Your Classic Chrysler Product for Showing:

1. Detailed Cleaning: Car shows are about the proper presentation. And presentation is all in the details. Don't just take your Chrysler into your local car wash- give it a good detailed wash and wax yourself. Consider starting with the rims and engine compartment to prevent chemicals or residue. As you're cleaning your car, always use products that are specifically intended for cleaning the vehicle (i.e., don't just use kitchen dish washing soap). And don't just clean the exterior- your interior is just as important. Give the vehicle a good cleaning, so that it sparkles, shimmers, and shines, catching the eyes of the judges and competitors at the show.

2. Touch Up: We've already covered the importance of detailing your car. But don't think that you're done here. You're likely to be showing your Chrysler outdoors. But remember, you're dispatched to the occupants of nature that could add smudges and hinder your vehicle presentation- the vehicle isn't immune from bird droppings. Take touch up tools to the car show so that you can quickly and easily get your vehicle looking fresh.

3. Tires: Part of proper presentation is in the tires- never underestimate this important aspect of the vehicle. Tires with poor tread aren't going to score well with judges and you'll also be judged by your competitors in this aspect. So if showing your vehicle is something you do or intend to do often, consider buying a separate set of tires that are solely for car shows you enter.  The other thing to remember is that for the best overall showing of your car,  make sure your tires are clean.   Nothing wrecks the look of a nice car like tires with dirty and scuffed sidewalls and whitewalls.   They're easy to clean,  just use a commercial cleaner in a spray bottle and scrub with a stiff brush or even 3M scouring pad.   Then let them dry naturally and if needed, dry off the rims or hubcaps with your chamois.   

4. Clean the glass: This goes somewhat hand in hand with cleaning. Dirty windows are a no-no.  If they haven't been cleaned for a while the inside glass may be dirtier than the outside of the glass.  If so spray them down with a typical window clearing product and then polish them dry.  Once you do that you will probably notice they are streaked,   which is very common if you use a product like Windex.   So once you have the dirt off,  get rid of the streaks by going over them again with a clean, damp (with water only) synthetic chamois or other clean cloth.   Then take a clean dry terry cloth and polish them dry and you'll be amazed how nice they look.  This will get rid of the streaks. 

5. Auto Literature: You just put all that hard work into preparing your vehicle - how about having a small  picnic type table set up in front of the car with original advertising brochures,  owners manuals, & shop manuals for your specific car.   A photo album documenting the restoration is another item to consider for your table so people can browse through it as they admire your car.    A well put-together display with a nice car makes for a winner. 

6. Ship It: You just put all that hard work into preparing your vehicle - that last thing you may want to do is drive it to the show- especially if the show is out of town and hours away. That's where transport companies come in- they'll ship your vehicle for you. That way, you have the peace of mind that you're not going to hit a pothole on the way to the car show and screw up your vehicle- you can rest assured that it will arrive safely.






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