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Martin Kolner  (Arizona Parts)
Tempe, Arizona 

1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo 5 speed. 59K miles. Garaged AZ car in mint condition and all stock.

Martin Kolner  (Arizona Parts)
Tempe, Arizona 

1992 Dodge Daytona IROC R/T. 18K miles,all stock. One of 250 built in 1992. 2.2L,224 HP,DOHC, 16 valve intercooled turbo 5 speed. Head built by Lotus. 4 wheel ABS,160 MPH speedo. Production for this engine 1991-93 about 1830. This engine option was $8063 more than the standard base model.

62 chrysler
1962 Chrysler 300 Sport convertible
John Morgan

I inherited this car from my fater in law. He had parked it and garaged it for over 30 years. The body and interior are all original as far as when it was parked, although the body had some repaint done becasue of an accident back when it was in service. To have survived this long, this well, in salty Michigan is unusual. It\'s a nice ride now with the 383 engine remanufactured. I rather like the fact that the car looks great but has enough imperfections that I am not afraid to drive it. In the future the body will get re-done, but then I\'l sweat every pebble on the road and that\'s no fun. For now, I figure she sat long enough and cars are meant to be driven!

Thord Liljekvist

1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 V8 Hardtop

The top of the line Valiant of 1964, last year with the Push button Torque Flite and first year of the 180 bhp 273 ci V-8. Standard equipment include torsion bar suspension and all vinyl front bucket seats. The car has been loaded with almost everything available including power steering, power brakes, HD suspension, Sure Grip rear end, white walls and spinner wheel covers, radio with front and rear speaker, left remote control mirror, right side mirror, day/nite mirror, rear window defogger, bumper guards, backup lights, varaible speed vipers and washer and parking brake warning light. A non standard item is the Phillips 45 rpm record player. I aquired the car from the first owner in Sweden in the autumn of 1978 and spent three years restoring it completely. The engine was built on the very last factory brand new short block found in Sweden. It have been on display in many car shows during the years and is always getting a lot of attention. I got the 1:st in class in th! e 2:nd and 3:rd WPC Winter Photo Meet with this car.

1994 Chrysler Vision

Chrysler Vision, the European flavoured LH car built in Bramalea with Chrysler badges and sold as a luxury sedan in many European contries. It was based on a fully loaded Eagle Vision with the 3.5 litre engine and Touring suspension and delivered with the Chrysler aluminum wheels. There are quite some of them in Sweden but this one was sold new in Germany and imported to Sweden in 1998. I became the owner in 2004 and is using as my family car.

1961 Fury
89 5th ave
1961 Plymouth Fury
Jeff Wright, Portland, IN.

This car used to be in a Chrysler Museum in Hayes, Kansas.

1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Dave Dulmage

Spencerville, ON, Canada

This is my 1989 Chrysler 5th Avenue which I have owned for 13 years.  It was a low mileage car (53,000 km - approx. 33,00 miles) when I purchased it and I have never driven it during the winter.

69 Fargo Van

1969 Frgo A-120 Van
Dave Dulmage

Spencerville, ON, Canada

I found this 1969 Fargo A-120 window van sitting in front of a local auto wrecker and purchased it about 10 years ago.  It was complete and running.

Larry Fritts
Rogersville, TN

1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue:  The vehicle has 134,000 miles on it at time of this writing and has never been restored, only maintained.  My father, Blaine Fritts purchased the car new and owned it the first seven (7) years, I have owned this wonderful car since.  The car won a third place trophy at the 21st Annual Smoky Mountain Mopar Show in June, 2010

Larry Fritts
Rogersville, TN2005

PT Cruiser Turbo Convertible:  I have owned this car since April, 2009.  This car is a joy to drive and is my primary touring vehicle for scenic trips, and is routinely towed behind my motor home.  The car was a second place winner at the 21st Annual Smoky Mountain Mopar Show and was a Top Five winner at Return To The Beach 10, Myrtle Beach, SC, October, 2009.


Larry Fritts
Rogersville, TN

2006 PT Cruiser Turbo:  I purchased this vehicle new and have used it primarily for PT Cruiser events and other car shows.  This car was a Top Five winner two (2) years in a row at Return To The Beach 9, October, 2008 and Return To The Beach 10, October, 2009.  The car is a joy to drive and gets a lot of attention at all car shows and cruise events


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