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The WPC Club, Inc.                          Mopar Logo
             Plymouth, Dodge, Fargo, DeSoto, Chrysler, Imperial, Maxwell, Chalmers,  
                                         Jeep and Eagle & related Automobiles.    
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1961 Polara D-500

Jim Marr,
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

1961 Dodge Polara Super D-500 

Bengt Ohlsson,  Bunkeflostrand  SWEDEN               

1949 Chrysler Windsor Highlander Convertible.       

                      See more on the car here 

1960 Plymouth
Brad Hogg,  Winnipeg,  Manitoba, Canada

1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

I bought this car in June 2002.  I was captivated by the triple black colour scheme of this car.  My intention for this car is to restore it to acceptable show car condition.  The car is mechanically sound so with a little TLC and a nice paint job, she'll be a real looker.
Ron and Julie Boyce
1960 Plymouth Savoy Station Wagon
 slant six, 3-speed on the column.
We acquired it in 2002.  We saved it from the crusher at a local auction for $300.  We only put on a radiator cap, installed two spark plugs and one spark plug wire to make it run.  Two weeks later it was registered and insured and has been a daily driver since.  Still needs cosmetic and interior work but we love her to death.

As a daily driver we've had to replace upper control arm bushings, repeated brake adjustments, rebuilt the carburetor,done a tune-up and upgraded to 225/70 R 15 tires and wheels.We still have original wheels and three hubcaps.As a christmas gift in 2005 our children purchased new taillight lenses.Proud to be a member,

1951 Dodge Coronet
Ernie Bollerud
Beloit WI

I purchased this 1951 Dodge coronet 4door in July of 2006. It has Fluid Drive, Radio, Heater and Spot Lights with Mirrors. When purchased the odometer had 8915 miles on it. I have paper work on it going back to 1961 when it had 4900 miles on it. Since purchasing the Dodge I have put on a new fuel pump, carburetor, brake shoes , master and wheel cylinders. I put on new radial tires even thou all 5 were good but weather checked and the tubes were fused to the tires. I kept all five tires. When found it was almost black, after much cleaning and polishing the car a nice maroon color. The paint is thin on the trunk & hood but “it is only original once” so it will not be painted. It now has 10,300 miles on it and will be driven and enjoyed.


1950 Chrysler Imperial
Owner:  Chris Ryker,  Southington, CT

Here are some pictures of my 1950 Chrysler Imperial Deluxe. As you know there were only 1150 of these made. This one was built Dec 7th 1950 and was delivered to a dealership in NY. It has 65k original miles on it. It has just about every accessory offered for the year including the compass, fog lights, spare tire valve extension, factory jiffy jet, door shades, tow cable. factory undercoat etc. One of the more unusual features is that the engine has hydraulic lifters and the kit that mounts a galss jar on the firewall so you dont have to lift up the carpet to check the master cylinder.
You are doing a super job on the site...love visiting it.
Chris Ryker

1939 DeSoto
Tony Boatman,  Boise Idaho

Rosie is a 1939 DeSoto Custom with 93,000 miles on her odometer and still has most of her original upholstery (in good shape).  She still sports her WWII "A" gas ration sticker on the windshield, so that qualifies her as both a survivor and a veteran!  She spent most of her life tucked away in eastern Oregon, but now lives in a heated garage in Boise, Idaho.
Michael Davis, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
1935 Chrysler Airstream, C6 sedan.
I found the car in 1979 in Denmark and fell in love with the model and the dashboard with the two big clocks. I have been trying to find the first owner of the car with the help of Lou De Simone from the Daimler Chrysler Corporate Historical Collection but we did not have any luck. I went to Hershy in 1999 and found the original ornament. If you have information about airstreamcars please let me know and send it to jakobina1913@gmail.coml


Bruce Barnett
1934 Imperial Airflow CV Coupe

restored in the last few years it is one of three known and won best of show in 2005. 212 were built.

Bruce Barnett
1934 Desoto Airflow SE coupe

One of about 15 around,maybe 10 on the road, There were 1550 coupes made by Desoto.


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