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We will usually return your enquiry within 24-48 hours and make sure your mail is directed to the correct person.
If you don't get a reply you have probably entered your e-mail address incorrectly so PLEASE double check your entries.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THE EMAIL FORM: - WE are a CLUB and we do NOT sell parts. We welcome all inquiries, but before you send a request looking for specific parts, I have to tell you that if you ask me where to find that specific, and elusive part for your 19XX Plymouth / Dodge/ Chrysler etc, I am probably not going to have a clue. Please continue reading:

My own area of knowledge lies from 1955-1964 or so, and as Chrysler has nearly 90 years of history and automobiles, I can't possibly know where to find everything you're looking for. If I came up with an answer for every part inquiry I receive I would have to do about the same amount of hunting and research as the person asking me. Our web site has a wealth of resources and listings for suppliers of all kinds of new, used and New Old Stock Chrysler Product parts. When you contact some suppliers, it really helps if you have the original part numbers. If you don't have it, I would recommend you get a parts manual ( books or CDs available) for your vehicle. Again, these are available through Automotive Literature suppliers listed on our web site. AND - the club itself does NOT stock or reproduce obsolete car parts. So please do not email and ask if we have a particular part in stock. Now read the next part.

We are a club of about 4000 members, many of whom are suppliers who advertise in our club magazine, A number of these suppliers are listed on our club resources page and our Reproduction Suppliers page. IF you have not looked at either of those pages, please go back and take a look and try some of the suppliers listed there.

If you are not a club member, the best thing you can do is to join this club - so you can have full access to all the resources available through the club to help you with your restoration, repairs or search for parts and services.- but if not, then browse the Complete, current WPC News Classified Ads which are now available on line for a small fee. \

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CLUB MEMBERS: For approximately the last year the WPC News has suffered production issues and has been consistently late. As I write this on May 11, 2018, the Dec-2017-Jan-2018 issue has just been delivered. We hope to get the Feb-Mar-2018 issue out by mid June. The problem has been with the shop that prints the WPC News. It has been under new ownership and they have been unable to meet our obligations and time line, and have, in fact, not paid a subcontractor who has been involved with them in publishing the WPC News. In order to get the Dec-Jan Issue out the club finally had to pay the sub-contractor the funds that were owed them by the contractor. We have now found another shop to print the magazine and hope to get it back on schedule as time permits. We apologize for these delays. .