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10 Reasons to Own a Chrysler


The Chrysler is a reputable choice for a midsize family vehicle. It's latest model, the Chrysler 200 is one of the few models that come with a convertible capacity. It beats it's competitors by having a strong roofline and a round front that can be described as Saab-like. It is also more stylish and is designed a lot more different from other similar cars.

Here are reasons why you should own a Chrysler;

1. Affordable- A base LX model goes for around $23000. Many car enthusiasts will agree that this is a quite reasonable price. Considering the various great features including it's new stylish design, it's key-lessness and it's ability to upgrade, this model's price is very affordable.

2. Design and comfort - The latest model, Chrysler 200 has a quite comfortable interior with a unique look which comes in different attractive colors. It is made of quality materials like the ventilated seats that provide comfort. Compared to other convertibles, the Chrysler 200 is relatively spacious and well designed.

3. Availability of Sports trim- For those drivers who need a sports vehicle, the 200 S trim model is absolutely the best option. It comes with 18 inch incredible performance tires and other sports-tuned features. A buyer can also opt to change to 19 inch tires. Besides these, the seat of this ride will ensure your sporting experiences will always be worthwhile. In addition, it also has an amazing performance during sport car racing.

4. Efficient base engine- The Chrysler 200 has a four base cylinder that uses very little fuel. Its Tigershark engine has the power to pump upto 184 horsepower. It provides great performance even without using a turbocharger. However if you are looking for even better performance make sure to check out these octane boosters and additives on the market.

5. Efficient interior storage- In terms of interior storage, the 2017 Chrysler 200 is the most inventive. The split -folding seats at the back provide the option of holding long items. There are also storage compartments on the doors. In addition, its trunk is also really large as compared to those of other similar midsized cars.

6. Adequate acceleration- The Chrysler 200 comes with a four 2.4 litre cylinder engine. It has a 100hp, the 3.6 l V6 is really powerful. It provides strong acceleration without having to use much fuel.

7. Ability to upgrade- The recent brands of Chrysler models have available optional features and upgrades including; adjustable seats, ventilation, Bluetooth and leather upholster. Buyers can also choose a dual-zoned climate control, moon or sun roofs with tilts, the recent adaptive cruise control and the slide function. They can also upgrade the audio system which is a standard 4-speaker to a more premium one. An upgraded system comes with a 5- inch colorful touch screen and the option of navigating with an over 8 inches touch screen.

8. Safety- The 2015 Chrysler 200 has got a five star ranking after being tested. It was ranked number 8 out of 21in terms of safety by the US News for affordable Midsized Cars. It also allows buyers to choose between steel and fabric roofs. The steel roof reduces notice and also provides additional security. Customers can also choose a few additional safety features.

9. Automatic transmission- All 2015 Chrysler 200 models come with an automatic transmission of nine speed that enables drivers to shift smoothly in their usual day to day activities.

10. All Chrysler 200 models use the usual unleaded gasoline, which is generally cheap. 

In general, the latest Chrysler 200 models are reliable and come with really good features that make the price a relatively good deal for most customers. Besides, it's new design is similar to that of some of the best cars in the market. Buyers looking for a mid-sized sedan will greatly appreciate the range of options that the Chrysler 200 offers.

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