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62 Newport

1940 Chrysler Windsor
Matthias Roehl,  Roedinghausen, Germany

I purchased this 1940 Chrysler C25 Windsor at Hershey show in 2003 from a private person who sold the car on behalf of an old lady from Rahway, PA. She was first owner, the mileage was 35.000 miles on the clock.    The body and mechanics on the car was in very, very good shape, although the interior was rotten and the mice had build nests inside.    I disassembled the major parts like doors, fenders, hood and trunk door for restoration. All new old style safety glass was done. The body got a new paint, but very near to original tone in silk gray. RAL tone  7044 matches perfectly.    No frame off restoration was necessary, all is extremely straight and no rust was on this car. Only some dents and very much faded and chalked paint.  Right now I am assembling the interior. That has been renewed in dark blue and I hope to finish the car for the "big" Germany Chrysler meeting in Datteln, Germany in August 2006.
1962 Chrysler Newport Convertible
David Wainright, UK 

Red/red interior, fully optioned.

It has always been a dream of mine growing up in Australia since I was about 8 years old to own something from 1957 - 1963, American and without a roof. After to moving to NY in 2001 I tracked this down. One owner, bought new, a demo run out in Jan. 1963 from Denver Chrysler, although I had to go to Aspen as that is where the son had moved. I took 2 weeks off work and me and wife drove it home to NYC. When I moved to the UK last year, it of course came too. It's awesome, I tell you, what could be better than owning a great slice of Chrysler history?

David Wainwright



1972 Dodge Monaco Brougham

Matthias Roehl, 
Roedinghausen, Germany

I purchased this 1972 Dodge Monaco Brougham at Hershey show in 2001 from a dealer who was not specialized in old cars. He sold the car on behalf of an old lady from Elverston, PA. She was first owner, the mileage was 52.000 miles on the clock. Everything on the car is in original and very good shape. I exported the car to Germany. When it arrived in Bremerhaven port, I could start the engine right away and drove it 200 miles home. The car is in excellent shape, nothing major needed to be repaired or rebuild until today. I enjoy visiting car shows and enthusiasts meetings throughout Germany very much, the car is a really eye catcher due to its perfect and original condition.

1933 Dodge DP Deluxe Sedan
 John Krein
Apalachin, NY

The "deluxe" designation  signifies the dual external horns, the dual sidemount spare wheels, the second windshield wiper, and the second tail light. The trunk (and trunk rack) were also optional. Mine also has a 1933 Philco radio (car came wired for it) and a Trico  vacuum-operated defroster fan. The fan and the radio head mount on the steering column, while the main radio box was connected to the head via control cables, and mounted under the dash on  the firewall. This car configuration and these options are the same as the car my father owned when I was a small child, except his car had wooden wheels.

It is now about 99.9% restored, and driven about 1000 miles a year, with 51,600 miles on the odometer. It cruises comfortably at 55 mph. A great joy to own and drive!



1963 Imperial Crown Convertible

Richard Bowman,
Kalamazoo, Michigan
1955 Desoto Firedome Sportsman

Kjartan Olavsrud



1954 DeSoto Powermaster Sedan.
Randy Mastin, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 

This is my treasured 1954 Desoto Powermaster Sedan, Powerflite automatic. This car sports optional Cherokee Red and black with an unusual navy blue and grey interior. The car is original with 74,000 miles. My father purchased this car for me in 1972,  when I was 10 to teach me about mechanics. He figured a flathead 6 was as simple as they come. The engine was completely rebuilt by us in 1976 and I have driven it about 10,000 miles in the past 40 years. I drove it to my senior prom in 1980, was my brothers wedding car and anyone who knows me knows the Desoto. I will never part with it, it is a part of me!

1979 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion - Fridrik R. Eggertsson,  Iceland
This car was originally scheduled to go to Saudi Arabia but for some reason ended on a
layover place in Germany. From that place it was bought by the Chrysler
dealership in Iceland about a year later along with several other LeBaron cars.
This car was first registered in Iceland in July 1980. The build sheet of the
car registers a build date of 13th. of December 1978 at the St. Louis, Missouri
plant. This car came with well equipped with power windows, power driver's
seat, power trunk lid release, remote controlled door mirrors. It also had T-Bar
roof as well as the E-58 360 cu.in. four barrel engine rated at 195 hp.
According to mr. Galen V. Govier only 556 of those cars were made with the E-58
engine and only 860 had the T-Bar roof so the question remains how many had



1949 Dodge Wayfarer Roadster
Ross and Annie Horton,  Whidbey Island, WA

The 1949 Dodge roadster I obtained from a Lady In Oregon who was the 2nd and 4th owner.  It ran well enough to drive home (about 300 mi.)  I spent the Winter of 1997 refreshing it and It has been a consisted prize winner.  The 1949 Dodge Wayfarer roadster was a true roadster as it has no side windows.  It uses side curtains. 

The roadster was part of the Wayfarer line and was built on 115" wheelbase. The Meadowbrook and Coronet lines were on 123 1/2" W.B.  You could also order this body with roll up windows for $35 more.  The car listed at $1727 which was about $100 less than Ford or Chevy. rag tops.

1949 Plymouth Suburban
Ross and Annie Horton,  Whidbey Island, WA

The 1949 Suburban is Annie's grocery getter.  I located this one in Indiana May of 2004.  Took it for a test drive and again drove it home.  2400 mi. this time and no problems.  This car has had a paint job, rechromed bumpers and the front seat cushions re done the rest is as I bought it plus a little soap and water.

The 1949 Plymouth Suburban was the first all steel station wagon from Chrysler Corp.   It was part of the Deluxe line which was built on a 111" wheelbase.   The Special Deluxe line was on a 118 1/2" W.B. The Suburban listed for $1840.
Ross Horton


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